I have invested in some great tools that I'm happy to share with you as my clients and referral partners. For starters, most people know of the "free" websites that allow for home searches. The information they provide has value, but they're not really free – if they blow us up with emails and marketing, right? In my world, most of my clients are referred to me by a trusted advisor, such as their Realtor or Financial Advisor. Our tools that I'm sharing with you here are, in my opinion - better and more accurate than the "free" ones. So I hope you enjoy them. A little information about these preferred services:

They aren't cheap - but I am making them free to you. If you like them, please feel free to share with a friend - or post this link on a social media channel of your choice. I'd really appreciate that.

The Tools:

MBS Highway's Barry Habib is one of the most consistently accurate MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) analysts in the United States. Barry is behind this outstanding tool that gives you a real time home valuation estimate. You can even go in and tweak things if you've made improvements to your home. I also use MBS Highway's tools and analysis for forecasting the market for my clients. This subscription saves my clients many thousands of dollars in interest and costs each year - by arming our clients with data, so they can make informed decisions on when to lock their interest rates:

Home Valuation

Buy Vs. Rent Calculator Tool

Track Your Home Value with MyHomeIQ On Me

Your home equity is a major portion of your net worth. With that in mind, I'm offering my clients a platform that not only provides more accurate home valuations but also dives deep into various aspects of homeownership, from understanding your equity to evaluating refinancing options based on today’s interest rates. Here's what you can expect from MyHomeIQ:

· Accurate Home Valuations: Drawing from extensive data and current market trends to give you a clearer picture of your home’s worth.

· Financing Insights: See where you stand with your loan, explore refinancing options, and understand current interest rates.

· Home Equity Details: Get informed on your equity status, the percentage of your loan paid off, and potential opportunities to access equity.

· Rent Potential: Curious about renting out your space? Find out potential rental values, both long-term and short term, via platforms like Airbnb.

· Expert Tips: From maximizing your home’s value to cost-saving strategies, benefit from timely advice on managing one of your largest assets.

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